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High End IT Solutions
Our mission

We create value through AI and digital software engineering in a culture of empowerment that enables new perspective and innovation.

Abstract representation of one of our clients in the e-commerce space
Abstract representation of one of our clients in the cloud computing space

What we do

We provide High-End IT Solutions to technology-focused, high-growth companies, helping them make a real change in their fields.



In this new era of Big Data and the rise of computing power, data-driven companies lead innovation through AI and stay ahead of their competitors.

Data driven decision making and task automation became the new norm in the business world. Those who do not adapt their data and analytics processes in time, are risking to be left behind or becoming irrelevant.

We use our AI/ML expertise to support these forward-looking companies to reach new heights.

Learn how we make this happen
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Digital Software Development

Digitalization is touching every aspect of our lives and continues to determine the way we communicate, learn, grow, and work.

This transformational change doesn't only impact our personal lives but also how businesses operate and evolve.

We are a team of creators, builders, and technical enthusiasts who turn ideas into digital products or services. We've been doing this for years, and we know a thing or two about the way systems are built, shipped, and maintained.

Check out our approach
Abstract representation of software development

User Experience

A user's experience with a company, product, or service includes every interaction they have with it on their way to fulfill a specific need or achieve a goal.

Our main objective is to improve their experience, making it as useful and enjoyable as possible every step of the way.

We approach each experience of your customers holistically, from their initial interaction with your business to the events that happen after they've achieved their goals, uncovering business opportunities along the way.

Discover our process
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Want to know how we engage?

The engagement model serves as a basis for healthy client-provider relationships.

We currently offer two engagement types to our clients. They proved to be the most successful and impactful way of working together over the years.

Check them out and choose the one that best fits your needs

Our work

Want to see how we're solving problems for our clients?

Not only do we comply with our clients' technical needs when developing their products, but we also take an interest in how these products influence their business so that we can grow together.

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Image of our work environment

Get To Know Our Team

We believe in radical freedom. Instead of outdated, hierarchical structures that lack ownership, we choose to be accountable for our actions, foster a sense of community, and be proud of our work.

Get to know us

Our values

We consider ourselves a digital society. We share an outcome-driven mentality and thrive through autonomy, responsibility, consistency, efficiency, and creativity.

Technological Advancement
Building a better tomorrow

We don't leverage history; we are eager to write it. We commit to total commitment, to technology and innovation. How?

By being open to engineering changes and new ideas. This is our oath.

Client Collaboration
We do not pull back on excellence

In a fast-developing market, agility and, most importantly, efficiency, are more than vital. An integrated approach and constant feedback are the keys to a successful partnership.

HEITS's DNA is result-oriented. We focus on the added value of the final product or service rather than favoring outcomes that look good on paper but underperform in real life.

Empowered people
Show, don't tell

We believe in honesty even when it's hard. We believe that we can grow only if we face our challenges.

We do not hesitate to listen to new ideas, adapt our work processes, or change everything mid-project, if that leads to better outcomes.

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28 Avram Iancu street, 400083 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania



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