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There's no need for reinvention if there are things that work. What we're trying to do is to optimize existing processes, making sure that we're using the most proficient ones in the most efficient way possible.

Bellow, we will give an overview of our process, but this will never be set in stone. Different projects have different needs and it wouldn't be wise to use one approach for everything.

Understanding the space

Goals are essential, and, measurable goals are what we're working towards. We need to understand your business, your vision, and together establish the path that we're taking to reach those goals.

That is what this first phase is about. We are trying to understand everything that is impacting your business, what are your customer's needs and how can we improve their experience with you and your products.

Depending on the project we might be conducting stakeholder meetings, research sessions with your customers, or we might look at your competitors and your business space - trying to understand or emphasize opportunities specific to your goals.

Defining the challenge

When there is a clear focus, paths start to appear. After understanding the space in which you're unfolding, your vision and goals, it's time to focus on specific opportunities.

In this phase we're clearly underlining what is it that we're trying to achieve - we're defining the challenge.

Exploring solutions

Once we know what the challenge is, there are multiple ways of tackling it. The paths appeared and it’s time to tread them. We start exploring different ideas, potential solutions for the problem.

Because there is not one specific way to solve a problem, it’s important to explore various options. Some might be extreme, some might be cost effective and some might be just right.

Developing the solution

From the pool of attractive solution, we start developing towards one. We start bringing together the ideas that seem right, test them and iterate in order to arrive to a destination.

Prototyping, testing and iteration are the keywords of this phase and going through them will help us arrive to a solution that will help you reach your goals.

We create value through AI and digital software engineering in a culture of empowerment that enables new perspective and innovation.


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