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We are a bunch of similarly diverse people.

Although we may have different interests as individuals, we are a group of creative problem solvers, passionate about technology and the way it can change things for the better.


We are all in on meaningful work!

We love working on interesting projects that matter, solving complex, or even trivial, problems. We are happy to work on products that impact people's lives, enterprise solutions that help the big guns optimize their processes or even scientific experiments with lots of unknowns and challenging technical problems. We are here to build the digital tools of tomorrow.

To do our best work, we need an environment of trust and creative freedom that supports new ideas.

We value flexibility and working remotely whenever we want. We work better in an environment that respects our freedom and offers us the support we need to grow.


In teams we trust!

We are big fans of collaborative problem-solving. Truly great things always come from a passionate group of people that build on each other's ideas, who support and challenge one another. All so that the best ideas can win. And sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest ones.

In software engineering, you need a curious mind and an eagerness to improve things, to fix what's broken. We try to live up to this belief every day.

We believe that empowered teams and individuals provide much more value than micromanaged ones. Hand-holding slows things down enormously in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

A collage of our people
HEITS engineers working
HEITS engineers working

HEITS Developer Experience

Strong focus on code quality

We keep the bar high when it comes to code quality. That speaks about us as professionals, and it also makes our lives easier when we (or others) have to maintain what we've built. We set and/or follow coding standards on each of the projects we work on. This way, the whole team can deliver clearer, better-quality code.

Fast delivery

We strive for fast development cycles so that we can gather feedback quickly, learn, and improve if needed. Automating our delivery process is key since we're having continuous delivery as the end goal.

Cutting edge technologies

Being tech enthusiasts, we follow the latest trends in development efficiency. We are always up to date with the latest technologies. We do this out of curiosity and from our willingness to know more, do more, and achieve more.

Super-performant hardware

We all have so many things to worry about. In our view, hardware shouldn't be a reason for concern. We know that the best tools help us be more efficient and deliver better results. It's just common sense to allow everybody to choose what works best for them.

Freedom of expression

There is no such thing as bad ideas. Sometimes, even the craziest ideas have a great outcome. So it is important to speak your mind; you are part of the team.


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28 Avram Iancu street, 400083 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania





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