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A graphic representation of the future of HEITS

We believe that machine learning is the future. We want to be the future. Where will it take us? We don’t know yet but we are eager to be a part of the journey.

A graphic representation of the future of HEITS

Who is HEITS

HEITS is an acronym for High End Digital IT Solution.
As our name suggests we are a tech savvy company that stands for high quality work through a people oriented culture.
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The future

Our mission is to create value through data science in a culture of empowerment that enables new perspectives and innovation.
Our goal is to be known as the center of excellence for machine learning.
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Work philosophy

Love thy Mondays.
We believe that if you have a place where you can be yourself and be inspired, you will love each day as it was the week-end.
Be healthy and sane.
Our lives are complex. Work cannot be separated from our personal life anymore. We know that your are at your best when you have a suited environment.
Communicate, be transparent, grow.
Effective communication is key in every aspect of our life. You might be surprised what you learn about yourself and others.
Have fun and results will come.
“If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.” And that can be true only if you have fun.
Inspire to be inspired.
Every human being is different in its own way. Although some things you do might seem benign to you, others might find it mind-blowing. 😉

People of HEITS

We are a group of similarly diverse people, driven by results (not numbers), ownership and advancement.
An interest for technology and innovation is what links us together. We believe that quality work is achieved through efficiency and value creation.
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A collage of our people

How are we different?

First of all we are proud to call ourselves a non-corporate company which means that characteristics like flexibility, ownership and development define our way of doing business.
People of HEITS will always take responsibility for their actions and will speak their minds and thrive on. They prefer making their own schedule and setting their own rhythm of working.
Our inspiration comes from technology that has an impact on both business and society, that changes the way we are living our lives.
outsourcing vs Outsourcing.
Everything that means ownership guides us in collaborating with our clients. We work with people that consider us part of their team and most importantly are open to new ideas in order to create value.


We are focused strictly on technology driven clients that have an understanding and an initiative on developing machine learning projects.
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Tech stack

We work with the latest and greatest in terms of tech and we’re always on the lookout for what’s next.

We perform code reviews in order to improve code quality and is very important to properly review the code and leave feedback for the committer.


Check out our available positions below. If you can't find anything that suits you, don't worry, just send us a message and we promise to contact you for a short chat.
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28 Avram Iancu street, 400083 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania



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